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A stargate is an opening in the heavens that brings through to the Earth plane a higher frequency of certain energies when humanity is ready to receive them to assist in the raising of consciousness.

It can be through one Star, a constellation of Stars, a planet or an even bigger doorway between different Star Systems and even planets. When a Stargate is opened it is when humanity is ready to move through the doorway into a higher frequency of their divinity. Stargates are opened when their particular energies are relevant for another shift in consciousness.

When we come into the earth plane through birth or walk in we also come through a Stargate that holds the particular frequencies we work with. You may want to tune into the Stargate you came through as it will be an expression of the gift you are, and the loving service you share.

Please click STAR UNIONS for more on stellar energies.

Ophiuchus has been busy; different layers have opened before in 2004 and 2005 as well as the star Aligning at the Tenth Gate June Solstice 2007. Ophiuchus is showing us ‘as above as below’, we are at the time when we can hold the serpent, be the master of ourself and the kundalini flows through us igniting our chakras and opening us up to our Body of Light.

Ophiuchus is the thirteenth sign in the zodiac between Scorpio and Sagittarius and extends into the rich star fields of the Milky Way looking towards the Galactic Centre. Ophiuchus is opposite

Orion in the Heavens and when we have moved beyond duality and unified, the Serpent rises within us, the Kundalini, up the 22 vertebrae, the 22 initiations and is illuminated out the Crown.

We become our Body of Light and master of our molecules. In the Great Pyramid, Cheops Orion and Ophiuchus are aligned in the Kings Chamber where the initiations took place.
Going through Ophiuchus is the next initiation, as the Orion doorway is closing so Ophiuchus is opening. In Orion we experienced duality and birth and death, in Ophiuchus we experience Life, Physical Immortality and Being our Body of Light fully present in a body.

The Tenth Gate assists humanity to rise out of the underworld and the desire body, out of the illusion of survival and lack and into total trust in the Creator, divine love from within our heart and the Source of all. We are the Creators of our world and become a being who walks between worlds, in the world but not of it.

With Ophiuchus aligned now through the Inner Earth and it merged with Orion at the Tenth Gate, triggering us to remember the creative essence of our being from the Source, and that when we are connected through our heart we co-create Heaven on Earth. The serpent bearer has found the pathway through the kundalini and body of light fully present creating the higher dimensional earth as we are one with the Sun, Inner Earth Sun and Central Sun, Greater Central Sun.

The next level of the Ophiuchus Stargate is opening as humanity is rising out of the underworld and the desire body, out of the illusion of survival and lack and into total trust in the Creator, divine love from within our heart and the Source of all. We are the Creators of our world and become a being who walks between worlds, in the world but not of it as we have no fear.

Another deeper level of our union, as the kundalini now flows more freely through us as ignites the light codes and we open to our body of light.

Through your heart all is created, as the stargate in the heavens through Ophiuchus opens through you the Stars and the Earth, all One. As the light illuminates through your central channel and your chakras spin all glowing balls of light as they glow and radiate until they become One Chakra. As the light from the One Chakra illuminates through all of your physical body, etheric body, emotional bodies, mental bodies, spiritual bodies, all one body of Light.

With this deeper level of the stargate opening up to us now it means we are ready to be at the level of our White Light Body and 15,000 strands of DNA, master of our molecules.

The White Light Body, small extract from the Light Code Activations book.

This is where all your bodies are merged into One Light – Divine Light, where you blend all co-creative fields of energy into synchronistic resonance, the Masters vibration, your Christ or Buddhic self. You become master of yourself and all your bodies; you not only know you are Light but you have fully integrated it, you are it. So you can do whatever you want with your body, as you are master of its molecules. You are physically immortal and can materialise, dematerialise, be invisible, and take or do with your body whatever is in alignment with source and your soul. You are not bound by dimensions or worlds and are of service to humanity in total selflessness.
The White Light Body is the nuclei of the cells in harmony with their Source and vibrating at the sonic sounds of the Celestial Heavens at the level of the Christ/Buddhic vibration that is the Sixth Dimension.

You can experience a lot of these gifts before you reach this state, but it is usually spontaneous and just to show you what you are capable of, and who you really are.
On this day if you can be in nature, on the earth as you connect and open to the Stargate opening, holding the beam in divine love and unity and that energy can be grounded through you and into the earth and grids.

A good day to work with your Chakras, Kundalini and Light Bodies

MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 1 (unity, unconditional love, new beginnings) RED (East – electrifies, initiates) CANE – BEN (time/space traveller, skywalker, angelic messenger, new directions)
in the 3 (rhythm, creativity, integration, sacred trinity) UINAL (20 days) of Activation ruled by the Goddess of Birth and Watering. CHALCHIUHTLICUE

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