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QUESTION: I’ve experienced difficulties financially over the last few years. And I’ve got a feeling that’s going to change drastically fairly quickly, but I don’t know yet how exactly. And also professionally I’m attracted towards a totally different one than the one that I can make some money just to live. I don’t know which direction to take professionally, and it’s bothering me a little bit—not much, but a little bit. I’d like to know more about it. I did try a year ago to go in a different direction, but it didn’t really work.
I feel I’m at a turning point in my life, but I’ve had that feeling for the last four years, and it looks a little bit long to me sometimes.
ANSWER: This also may not be what you are expecting to hear. It is important for you to find your security whether a change occurs or not. And it is essential for you not to look to a change for your security. In fact, if you make changes on the basis that the change will provide your security, you are likely not to do it with wisdom, because there will be an element of fear motivating you.
You know what? You are the Son of God and I know that that sounds like nothing more than a magnificent idea—wonderful, but not practical. I will tell all of you something: There is nothing more practical that any of you can do than be willing to dare to acknowledge that you are Sons and Daughters of God, and that the Father has withheld nothing of what He/She Is from what He/She has expressed as You.
Fulfillment is your birthright, and absolutely everything is intent upon identifying that fact—something none of you see because you are so busy trying to earn an equivalent of your Birthright. It isn’t just bliss that constitutes fulfillment, it is observing your every need being met in the most practical of human terms, right here and now.
It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you what? To give you the Kingdom. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom—not just one square foot of it. It does not say it is the Father’s good pleasure to make you earn the Kingdom. But from the level of personality you believe it does not belong to you. And from your impoverished, separated sense of yourself you work and struggle to claim what is already yours.
Now, because it is already yours, any shift in your approach to life that denies the necessity of earning your good, because it is your Birthright, provides the opportunity for you to experience your good unfolding just because, not for any reason.
As I said yesterday, it isn’t necessarily satisfying, because part of one’s sense of his or her integrity comes from the act of accomplishing, or getting that good. As I said, it can feel insulting to have something that you haven’t earned, because it doesn’t feed your ego. But a Son of God is not confused in that way and, indeed, would find it insulting to have to earn his good, because it would constitute a denial of his completeness.
Now, without changing a thing in your life, I encourage you to be open to, to be receptive to the manifestation of unreasonable good, the unfolding of that which is wonderful and which you were not responsible for, but which nevertheless comes to you. When this happens, it will prove the truth of what I am saying, and it will also illustrate to you that you do not as a fact have to earn your good—that you do not have to earn your fulfillment. When you experience this realization, you will begin to understand your invulnerability and you will never again attribute your invulnerability to circumstances.
I want you all to understand that I am not avoiding answering your questions when I respond this way; but if I were to tell you a specific step to take and if, indeed, that step did generate security, you would not understand where your real security lay. And your security from the specific step would become one that you could potentially lose, and your initial joy over the new security would fade and you would say, "Thanks a lot Raj"—with sarcasm.
Now, does this mean that you will become lazy and do absolutely nothing except trust that your needs will be met? Absolutely not! I will tell you that the unfoldment for your good that you will not be responsible for, will keep you running to keep up with it—you will be busy flowing with it, rather than creating it. And since it is not a result of your skill or someone else’s beneficence, you will not be afraid of losing the ongoing opportunity to keep up with your good. Peace will be yours as well as joy because you will begin to know what real security is, and that it is not your personal responsibility to provide yourself or others.
I understand that this again involves the practice of trust. But if none of you begin to practice trust, you will not have the opportunity to learn how valuable it is. I am speaking to you of that which is utterly practical. These are not wonderful, spiritual, other-worldly ideas. It is the truth here. This is the good news.
We could say that the four years indicates that you are a slow learner, not because you are stupid, but because you were looking for a learning that did not violate the level of personality, when the learning involves stepping out of that level and into a new one. You believed that a new position, a new goal was what was needed—a three-dimensional one.
再者,你們所有的人都以某種方法,來給出指令,然後將你們自己禁錮在不合理的限制裡。你就像個國王一樣,對自己說,“我的工作沒給我很高的薪津,因此,我很窮。” 你說,“經濟不景氣,因此,我最好別指望太高” 你說,“我的妻子或丈夫這樣牽制著我,以致我不能做這或做那” 你的話語就成了你經驗的律令。
Again, all of you in one way or another imprison yourself in limitation that is illegitimate and you do it by giving a word. Like a King, you say, "My job doesn’t pay enough money; therefore, I am poor." You say, "The economy is bad; therefore, I cannot expect more." You say, "My wife or husband keeps me in such a state of despair that I cannot do this or that." And your word is law to your experience.
You need to give a new word! You need to stop denying your Sonship and Daughtership. "It is my Father’s good pleasure to give me the Kingdom, regardless of the economy." And then instead of saying, "Well, if it is the Father’s good pleasure to give me the Kingdom, where has it been for the last four years? You cannot be telling me the truth."
就如我剛指出的,上述的話否認了你的實相,你應換個新詞兒。“天父樂於賜我天國,不管過去四年中究竟發生了什麼事,現在,與其質疑,我寧願好奇地探索一下,而且我要公開表態,容許我的圓滿顯示於我前,它不能不如此,因為那是我的生命實相” 我告訴你,這樣表達絕不是自負。
But I have just told you that you have given a word in denial of that. And so I am saying give a new word. "It is the Father’s good pleasure to give me the Kingdom. And regardless of what has happened during the past four years, I am going to express curiosity rather than doubt now. And I am going to give permission for my fulfillment to manifest itself, because that is what it does, because I am." I will tell you this is not egotism.
Once you see that your fulfillment is not dependent upon circumstances, and that circumstances naturally unfold that identify your fulfillment, regardless of you as a little tiny creator of things, you will find yourself busy without fear. And you will reach for a thing because you know how to do it, and not because you think it will save you from disaster.
In other words, you will do it because you know that it is congruent with the Movement of fulfillment that God is being right there, and everybody else calls it you. Indeed, what I am telling you is not beyond you, is not too advanced for you. And I will tell you it is not even idealistic; it is absolutely realistic and relevant to where you are. All of you must understand that this is the only way the concrete evidence of God with us and that which is spiritual is not irrelevant to the here and now.
Then I’m going to tell you something else—all of you—I am not a universal answering machine. It is my function to disclose you to yourselves more clearly, with less distortion, so that you might come into the possession of your Birthright in your attitude about yourself. And so, although I do answer specific questions, I will never just do it at the expense of disclosing to you the truth about you that will ultimately wipe away the question itself.
10. Mary Baker Eddy, discoverer and founder of Christian Science.
10 Mary Baker Eddy, 基督科學的發顯者以及創始者。
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